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Screen Filter Contour Plus
Screen Filter Contour Plus
Reduces Eyestrain
Reduces Eyestrain
Cuts Screen Glare
Anti Radiation Filter - Reduces Screen Emissions
Reduces Screen Emissions

Cuts Screen Glare, improves sharpness, clarity and stability of images on your screen
Improves screen comfort and helps reduce visual fatigue or eyestrain for brighter eyes
High performance Anti-reflection optical coatings minimise reflective glare while medium tint 45% transmission filter (other transmissions available) enhances displayed information for the user.
Cuts VLF/ELF e-field emissions by upto 99.99% and virtually eliminate static charge when grounded using the lead supplied
Easy to fit contour design forms integral part of VDU/CRT display including flat screen displays

Which size(s) for my VDU?
For Screen Filter Contour Plus let us have these dimensions

Please use cm or mm and give make and model of display (VDU)

* Note : VDU screen size is usually given by the manufacturer as the diagonal in inches

Screen Filter Measurment Guide
Model VDU Screen Size diagonal * Unit Price 1 - 3 Unit Price 4+
SF15CP 14 - 15" £39 £37
SF16CP 15 - 16" £49 £45
SF17CP 16 - 18" £55 £49
SF19CP 18 - 19" £69 £59
SF20CP 19 - 21" £79 £69

Delivery UK mainland £6 for 1 - 3 units, £7 for 4+ units - Non UK delivery please ask for details
Prices exclude UK vat

Call us to discuss your requirements or use the enquiry form to arrange a No Risk 30 day sale or return trail on your VDU to show you how Screen Filter will protect your confidential or private data.