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Screen Filter uses proven optical technology to stop screen glare, make images sharp, clear and more stable by helping to eliminate screen filcker, cut reflective glare or washout, enhance contrast and cut emissions which are thought to be harmful.
But how does Screen Filter do this?

ScreenFilter uses High Performance Anti reflection coatings plus a neutral density colour correcting filter to control the displayed image. ScreenFilter controls the contrast between the image and background, while at the same time cutting annoying reflective glare by upto 99%

High Performance Anti Reflection Coatings
High levels of ambient light are usually found in most offices. This needs to be cut down by High Performance Anti Reflection coating. Screen Filter uses multilayer coating that reflect only about 0.2% from the front surface of the filter unlike most display screens that exhibit reflective glare.

Anti Reflection Coating
Screen Filter Reflection Graph
Screen Filters Transmision

Further, Screen Filter incorporates a second High Performance Anti-Reflection coating on the rear surface of the filter to ensure reflective glare is efficiently controlled here. This is very important for the Medium Tint (45% transmission) or lighter tint filters, where rear surface reflections will be high.

Screen Filter incorporates an optimized level of contrast enhancement from our specially selected substrate with 45% neutral density transmission over the full colour spectrum that makes up white light.

Additionally, both Screen Filter Contour Plus and Screen Filter Flat Frame models incorporate a state of the art, transparent, metallic coating as part of the multilayer optical coating system that will virtually eliminate any (upto 99.99%) Very Low Frequency and Extra Low frequency (VLF/ELF) e-field radiation that is believed to be harmful and a grounding lead to remove any static charge when properly grounded.

The optical coatings used in Screen Filter are both durable and easy to clean and are styled in easy to fit frames in a full range of models and sizes to fit neatly to every VDU/CRT or Flat Screen display.