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Why Screen Filter?
Screen Filter will bring clear, sharp and more stable images to your display screen yet enhance the colours and control any undesirable emissions that may emulate from your screen.
But don't take our word for it, just look below to see how Screen Filter will help to cut visual fatigue or eyestrain which can lead to computer vision syndrome (CVS) or painful headaches.
Why do I need clear sharp images on my screen?
It's not just the number of pixels on your screen, it's their sharpness.
Screen Filter takes out this "fuzz" or "halo" effect so your eyes can focus on the image, not the fuzz.
What is Image Stability?
Screen filcker can sometimes be detected by the eye particularly when your eyes focus on the screen, to a document for instance, and then back onto the screen.
Screen Filter virtually eliminates screen flicker to make your screen more restful to use.
So what is Screen Glare?
Display screens need to be bright so you can see the image in daylight or bright artificial lighting, but it's a bit like looking at a light bulb. You need a contrast enhancement filter to cut screen glare.
Contrast Enhancment Filter How will contrast enhancement make my eyes feel better?
Screen Filter is a contrast enhancement filter that will cut the glare of the screen image by about half for a Medium Tint Filter, but the daylight or artificial light has to pass through the filter two times so is cut down a lot.
This means you can see a much less glarey image and very little background washout.
Optical Technology So how about the reflections on my screen?
Screen Filter uses the same high performance optical technology used in Aviation, Space and Telecommunication Highways for the Internet to cut screen glare by over 99%.
Anti Radiation Filter

Are Screen Emissions an issue and what is VLF/ELF e-field radiation all about?
Visual Display Screens (VDU's) still emit a certain amount of electric field and static radiation and additionally users sit close up to the screen
Screen Filter has a state of the art, transparent metallic shield built into the glass filter that virtually eliminates any (up to 99.99%) Very Low Frequency and Extra Low Frequency (VLF/ELF) e-field radiation that is believed to be harmful and a ground lead to remove any static charge, when properly grounded.

Screen Filter - So, with Contour and Flat styles of filters to suit every display and a choice of Filter Transmissions, you could be cutting your visual fatigue and eyestrain in no time at all.

Don't just take our word for it.
Try Screen Filter on our 30 day Sale or Return Trial, your "vision for the future" may appreciate it.
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